The Motivation Mindset: Making Magic Happen!

ISTF, October 10, 2022

This webinar is designed to help teachers to explore all of the strategies that can be implemented to make motivation an integral part of the learning process for students.

  • Learn to identify and combat lethargy and low motivation in your classroom.
  • Discover simple techniques to increase student self esteem and motivation.
  • Develop strategies to make SEL and the 5E key parts of your teaching toolkit.
  • Discuss and share best practices designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

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This webinar is designed to help teachers improve story telling skills in science class and explains how ideas and technology can be used to contextualize key scientific concepts for today’s digital natives and better connect with students to improve understanding.

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This webinar is designed to help teachers make SEL (social-emotional learning) part of their science class. We’ll explain why SEL matters and how to teach 21st Century Skills through concrete, practical examples and projects you can include in your science class.

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The International Science Teaching Foundation (ISTF) is a non-profit organization committed to improving STEM education, headquartered in London and Barcelona. The ISTF is formed by more than 30 scientists, educators and experts who work tirelessly to improve science teaching worldwide.

Science Bits is a curricular project for science teaching and learning in Secondary education designed on the basis of evidence on how we learn that increases motivation and improves student learning.


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