Welcome to the International Science Teaching Foundation

Contributing to a high quality science education around the globe

The International Science Teaching Foundation is a non-profit organization headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We are a global entity commited to the improvement of science education at a global scale. Our goal is to provide all students with a high quality hands-on, inquiry based science education. The reasons behind this goal are the following:
  • Among today's science students there are tomorrow's leaders.
  • By contributing now, we will build a better future.
  • A scientifically literate society is a responsible society.
Driven by these reasons, the International Science Teaching Foundation establishes itself as a meeting point for teachers, educators and other professionals in the field of science teaching who share the same goals and values. From the International Science Teaching Foundation we want to contribute to a high quality science education around the globe, and we also want to encourage all professionals in the field to do the same.
The International Science Teaching Foundation strives to transform science teaching. Bringing about this change in education implies being in touch with both teachers and content providers. Research is one of the pillars of science education. In order to provide science students with the most efficient instruction possible, the International Science Teaching Foundation promotes the latest research in science teaching. All students all around the globe have the right to receive a high-quality education. In order to assure this right, the International Science Teaching Foundation reaches out to students and educators from around the world.

The Science Bits project

The goal of the Science Bits project is to provide teachers with tools that promote a high quality science education. This common goal is shared by everyone in the Science Bits team—a multidisciplinary team of science teachers, educators, video editors and multimedia professionals from all around the world who work within the framework of the International Science Teaching Foundation. The Science Bits team has focused all its energies and creativity on an outstanding repository of multimedia science lessons for middle and high school teachers. Science Bits adheres to the constructivist 5E learning model, which promotes real understanding and engages students in science learning while helping them understand the relevance of science to their lives. Its lessons are clearly structured around the 5E model, meticulously argued at a pedagogical level and enriched with a wide array of multimedia learning objects designed to capture the attention of digital native students and enhance their learning experience. Science Bits wants to play an active role in promoting the change from a transmission educational model, based on the transmission of facts from teacher to learner, to a constructivist one, based on inquiry, discovery and learning-by-doing. And the best way to bring about this change is to empower teachers with user-friendly tools of great educational potential, and to do so at an international level. Because Science is not a body of immutable facts that must be memorized, but rather an exciting way of obtaining new knowledge and understanding the world around us.