About us

STEM education should be a central part of any education system. We believe that scientific literacy is more important than ever for today’s citizens to effectively participate in public debates and base many of their personal decisions on health, the environment, and technology, to name a few.  Therefore, we need to ensure the quality of STEM education to build a more literate and responsible society.

The International Science Teaching Foundation is made up of a multidisciplinary team of researchers, science teachers, IT developers, educators, video editors and multimedia professionals from around the world who share the mission of contributing to the improvement of STEM education.

To do this, the International Science Teaching Foundation focuses on promoting and encouraging the use of scientific research as the basis of STEM education. In this regard, research in the field of science education provides sound evidence on the effectiveness of the 5E model of learning, a model we use to create resources that help teachers teach science and mathematics in schools around the world. Designed by Rodger W. Bybee’s team in the 1980s and supported by research ever since, the 5E model offers a constructivist perspective on STEM education focused on guided inquiry, knowledge construction through understanding, and transfer of learning to new situations.