About us

Our staff

The International Science Teaching Foundation is a non-profit organization headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We are a global entity commited to the improvement of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education at a global scale. Our intention is to establish an international community of dedicated and active STEM education professionals.

Our values and our goals

STEM education should be a central part of any educational system. Among today’s students there are tomorrow’s leaders and top employees, and we need to assure the quality of STEM teaching in order to build a more literate and responsible society.

From the International Science Teaching Foundation we want to contribute to the improvement of STEM education, and we also want to encourage teachers and educators from around the world to parttake in this improvement.

The International Science Teaching Foundation focuses on promoting and encouraging the use of instructional models that guarantee a high-quality education. Research in the field of science education clearly points towards the 5E model of learning as the most effective contemporary learning model. Designed by Rodger B. Bybee in the 1980s, the 5E model offers a constructivist perspective on science education with some aspects of behaviorism and cognitivism. Its focus on inquiry-based learning, experience, knowledge building and discovery make it a solid scaffold for teachers to rely on when teaching science.

While promoting further research in the field of STEM education, we also encourage teachers to rely on the 5E model to engage their students in effective learning, and to do so by using high-quality content designed according to the most effective learning models.