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Asteroids: The Threat Coming from Space

Every year, tens of thousands of meteorites fall toward Earth. Most of them are very small, about the size of a stone, and end up disintegrating in the atmosphere. But occasionally, these asteroids can have slightly more worrying dimensions, even reaching a few kilometers long. When a this happens, huge blasts leave enormous craters on the Earth’s surface. The most famous example contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Today, however, we are not out of danger. Indeed, a large asteroid hasrecently been detected, and it’s moving towards us…

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Animal Superpowers

Many animals stand out for their special abilities: eagle eye vision, dogs refined sense of smell, bats’ ultrasonic hearing, salamanders’ regenerative powers…
Contrary to superheros powers in comics and movies, all these animal powers are real superpowers: they exist in nature and maybe one day we could transfer them to our bodies to become true “superhumans”.

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